Infant Nursery

Our infant room is a nurturing environment that keeps babies safe, secure, and content. Our teachers encourage infants to actively explore their world and interact with others through music, story time, art, exercise, and play. Baby Sign Language is introduced in the Infant Nursery and further developed in the Toddler Program. Communication with your child's caregivers is very important during this tremendous time of growth. Teachers follow a daily "specialized instructions sheet" with information regarding feeding, sleeping, and diaper changing. We aspire to meet the individual needs of each infant. Caregivers follow your child's daily schedule for feedings and naps to allow for a smooth transition between school and your home schedule. A daily report will be provided to inform you about your baby's day. It will include information on feedings, diapering, and daily experiences.

Toddler Program

Our toddler program revolves around the essential goal of developing your child's self confidence which prepares young children for future learning in a classroom atmosphere. We engage them in a wide variety of activities: building blocks, dramatic play, art, science, and exercise. We also foster the development of language skills in preparation for learning to read. The children engage in individual activities as well as cooperative play with other children. Teachers follow a "specialized instructions sheet" provided by the parents since toddlers still need individualized feeding and nap schedules. A daily report is sent home each evening.

Two Year Old Program

Two year old children love to play and explore, which provides the basis for age-appropriate learning activities. Our teachers listen to and converse with each child and anticipate their individual needs as they progress. Language, self-help, and potty training skills are developed during this period. Our teachers will help you recognize the signs that a child is ready for potty training and then assist you based on your program at home. We understand that teamwork is the key to success. The teachers begin to prepare the children for future learning in a classroom atmosphere. A daily report of your child's day is sent home each day so you can monitor their development.

Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten Program

The curriculum at the Crouthers Academy focuses on kindergarten readiness. The children continue to develop language skills and begin pre-reading, basic math concepts, and scientific inquiry through a thematic center-based environment. Small groupinstruction allows teachers the opportunity to identify and address the individual needs of each child. Children will develop positive self-esteem and important social skills such as cooperative problem-solving, following directions, and respect for others. We introduce and expose the children to written, visual, verbal, and physical activities involving the alphabet and early literacy skills. Our curriculum consists of arts and crafts, songs and games, science and cooking projects, language, mathematics, multi-cultural activities, and an introduction to computers. The children develop gross motor skills through gym classes and outside play.


Holiday Drop-In Service

The Crouthers Academy offers a Rockwood and Parkway school holiday and snow day drop-in service for siblings.

Summer Camp

The Crouthers Academy conducts a summer camp for Crouthers Kids and School Age students up to ten years of age. The camp is theme-based and includes field trips and tours. We also offer reading and educational projects, arts and crafts, swimming lessons, sporting activities, community service projects, and entertainment.

I would 100% whole heartedly recommend Crouther's Academy to anyone! I always tell everyone, don't go tour unless you are ready to sign up, because everyone will blow you away instantly!! Leslie and the staff should be so proud of what they have accomplished and the positive role they play in so many family and children's lives!

- The Grauls

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