Trick or treat! Plan for a safe Halloween

Trick or treat! Plan for a safe Halloween


Halloween is a holiday that children and their parents enjoy together. But keeping your costumed trick-or-treaters safe while they go door to door is paramount.


Follow these tips for ensuring that your kids will have a Halloween they remember for all the right reasons:


• Choose costumes in light or bright colors. Whether you buy a costume or make one, be sure it will be visible after dark. Put some reflective tape on goodie bags to help them show up on the street.


• Eat before going out. Serve dinner or a good healthy snack before your kids hit the neighborhood. They’ll be less likely to gorge on the candy they collect if they’re already full.


• Be careful with props. Make sure masks don’t limit children’s vision or obstruct their breathing. If they’re carrying canes, toy swords, or any other sort of accessory, check that they’re not too difficult to carry while

walking or crossing the street.


• Plan your route. Determine a clear and safe path through your neighborhood ahead of time. You should

accompany small children, of course, and discuss safety with older kids going out as a group. Always carry a

flashlight and cell phone.


• Inspect candy before eating. Check through treat bags when children return home, and separate out any candy that looks suspicious. Don’t let kids consume too much at one time—ration it out so they don’t make

themselves sick.